Journal of Urban Health (2023)

Impact of Guaranteed Income on Health, Finances, and Agency: Findings from the Stockton Randomized Controlled Trial

A mixed-methods randomized controlled trial in Stockton, CA, USA enrolled 131 individuals to the treatment condition and 200 to control to receive a guaranteed income from February 2019 to January 2021. This study provides causal evidence of positive health and financial outcomes for recipients of guaranteed income. As income volatility is related to poor health outcomes, provision of a guaranteed income is a potentially powerful public health intervention.

Columbia Journal Of Race And Law Article (2022)

Building a Guaranteed Income to End the “Child Welfare” System

It is time for policemakers to reimagine and dismantle the child welfare system. This Article provides background on disparities in the child welfare system and argues that policymakers have used the child welfare system to police poverty and regulate Black families. It asserts that poverty presents a significant risk factor for neglect of children, that poverty should be the focus of policymakers, and discusses economic empowerment through Mother's Outreach Network.

Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care (January 2024)

Financial support policies as a mechanism to reduce child welfare involvement

In this review, the authors (1) highlight evidence linking poverty to child welfare involvement; (2) discuss literature on the association between financial support policies and reductions in child welfare exposure; (3) propose potential pathways through which financial support policies may reduce child welfare involvement; and (4) consider opportunities for pediatric providers to support anti-poverty programs and policies with the potential to reduce child welfare involvement.

The Chicago Future Fund (November 2023)

Chicago Future Fund: An Intervention into Systemic Inequalities

In 2021, Equity and Transformation launched the Chicago Future Fund, one of the first guaranteed income programs exclusively for formerly incarcerated individuals in the nation. While the program is currently in its second round with 100 recipients, this report focuses on the impactful findings from the first round, where EAT provided $500/month for 18 months to 30 system-impacted residents of West Garfield Park. The assessment was documented through monthly surveys and periodic interviews.

The Center for Guaranteed Income (September 2023)

The American Guaranteed Income Studies: Ulster County, New York

The Center for Guaranteed Income's final report on Ulster County, NY—who were the first county to experiment with GI during the pandemic! CGIR conducted a mixed-methods study to better understand the relationship between guaranteed income (GI) and study participants’ financial well-being, sense of self, quality of life, pathways and barriers to well-being, perspectives on work, and the possibility of upward mobility. This report is the first in our series entitled, “The American Guaranteed Income Studies.” They will be releasing full mixed-methods findings across a range of sites in the coming months under this series.

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