Convening #13 Lateral Learning

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022 at 1:00-2:00pm ET

Objectives & Outcomes

  • GICP members will have the opportunity to share their insight and learn from fellow community members on the following topics:
    • Drug Use Questions in Research
    • Evaluation and Research
    • Messaging and Communications
    • Protecting Housing Benefits
    • Protecting Public Benefits
    • Reaching Undocumented Community Members and People with Conviction Histories
  • This convening is in response to participants’ interests to have in depth conversations in these areas. The rooms are intended to foster open dialogue on the approaches and challenges members are having in each of these areas as a way to build community and collaboration. 

Pre-Reading & Pre-Work 



Please confirm your participation in the Guaranteed Income Community of Practice via the GoogleGroup and Slack. If you have not already, please add yourself to the Directory.


Recording and Meeting Notes

Please note a recording of the breakout rooms will not be available from this meeting. In order to foster an open space for shared learning only the introduction will be recorded. Summary notes will be provided and available after the call at To access this section, please enter password: incomefloor.




1:00 Opening

Madeline Neighly, Economic Security Project


1:05 GICP Community Insights

Kevin Adler, Miracle Messages


1:15 Breakout Rooms

  Participants may select into one of the following breakout rooms:

Topic Facilitators
  1. Drug Use Questions in Research
Kevin Adler, Founder and CEO of Miracle Messages

Notes document Breakout Group 1

  1. Evaluation and Research
Pieta Blakely, PhD, Evaluator of Camp Harbor View’s GI Program

Notes document Breakout Group 2

  1. Messaging and Communications
Halah Ahmad, VP for PR & Policy Communications of Jain Family Institute

Notes document Breakout Group 3

  1. Protecting Housing Benefits
Jennifer Kellett, Director of Guaranteed Income Program with Humanity Forward Foundation

Notes document Breakout Group 4

  1. Protecting Public Benefits
Mara Heneghan, Facilitator of the GICP Federal Legislative Working Group

Notes document Breakout Group 5

  1. Reaching Undocumented Community Members and People with Conviction Histories
Anne Vor der Bruegge, Director of Grants and Initiatives, Arlington Community Foundation, director of Arlington’s Guarantee program which serves undocumented folks and people with conviction records

Notes document Breakout Group 6


1:55 Closing

Aisha Nyandoro