Convening #11 Building the Community


Objectives & Outcomes

  • Overview of Guaranteed Income Community of Practice membership

  • Overview of current demonstrations and policy landscape

  • Strategic planning



Child Tax Credit / Earned Income Tax Credit Access Update from the White House

Deirdre Schifeling, White House

Merici Vinton, Office of Management and Budget

5.8 Million workers will be lifted out of poverty with the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC). It is imperative that our communities file taxes to claim these credits.

Families are able to access the second half of their CTC after they file their taxes. In addition, filing taxes is necessary for families to claim the EITC. Under the expansions in the American Rescue Plan, the EITC is tripled for working people without dependents this year, and Americans age 19 to 24 are now eligible.

New website––will ensure that people are able to access their full credit amounts by assisting with filing information.

A Puerto Rican-specific site is available in English and Puerto Rican Spanish as it is a slightly different process for PR residents.

1:20 Community Spotlight

Kevin Scott, Just Income GNV Manager

Community Spring is a grassroots reentry support system for people who have recently been released from prison. The Just Income GNV program provides an initial $1,000 and ongoing $600 a month for an additional 11 months to 115 people in Alachua County, Florida to mitigate known barriers to successful reentry. The program is designed and administered by formerly incarcerated people.

1:30 Overview of GICP, demonstration and policy landscapes

Madeline Neighly, Economic Security Project

1:40 Strategic Planning Breakout Groups

Facilitated small group conversations to build a strategic plan for the Guaranteed Income Community of Practice for 2022.

Questions to Guide Discussions

  • What was most helpful to you in 2021?

    • What topics/convenings?

    • What materials?

    • Are there any publications or materials that have been particularly helpful (either GICP produced or otherwise)?

  • Do you use the Google Group? Slack Workspace? Directories?
    • How can these tools be made more useful for you?

    • Are there any other tools we should incorporate?

    • Are there any tools we should retire?

    • How can we support engagement?

  • What could be improved?

  • What would be most helpful to your work?

  • What topics would you like to explore in 2022?

  • What materials would be most helpful to you?

  • Are you interested in joining a geographic or subject-matter subgroup?

2:25 Closing

Madeline Neighly